Our digital curriculum comes standard with a Learner Management System, an online platform that enables the delivery of materials, resources, tools, and activities to students both in and out of the classroom environment. It allows teachers to offer tailored instruction that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere without geographic constraints.
With unique learning and design features, our learning management systems can be implemented for a range of students at every grade level. Our learning management systems contain a standard set of tools that are used to facilitate learning and discussion in an online environment. Some tools, such as a threaded discussion forum, are used to foster communication and collaborative learning. Other tools, such as assessments and online grade books, are used to increase teacher productivity and track student performance while ensuring that the course is meeting curricular objectives.
While the online environment of an LMS shares many features with traditional teaching and learning, it also has some unique attributes, such as flexibility (anytime, anywhere) along with time for reflection and learners’ anonymity. Additionally, learning management systems offer the convenience and support of a common system used by teachers, support staff, students, and parents.